Hi, I’m Paulo.

I design interfaces and build websites.

I’ve been making websites for over ten years, and professionally since 2009. Originally from Porto, I now live in Berlin with my girlfriend and our two cats.

I’m currently available for new projects. Please email me for inquiries.


Selected projects from recent years.

Dollar a Day (2015–)

Dollar a Day is a nonprofit organization which helps people discover and support nonprofits doing good work, by having donors send $1 per day to a different nonprofit, every day.

I joined the team in early 2015 as a part-time designer and front-end developer, to build on the great work of the original team, refining the product and expanding it with new features.

View the Dollar a Day project on my Dribbble profile.

The Manual (2013–)

The Manual is a design journal for the web, publishing thrice-yearly issues in print, ebook, audiobook, and on the web; founded by Andy McMillan in 2011.

I’m a team member, digital designer, and front‑end developer of The Manual; where I work on its new strategy as a multi-format publication; design and build the ebook and web editions; and do copywriting and communications.

Visit the website and download an ebook sample.

XOXO (2012–2015)

XOXO is an experimental festival celebrating independently-produced art and technology, organized by Andy Baio and Andy McMillan since 2012.

As a web designer and front‑end developer, I was in charge of over half a dozen completely different websites for XOXO over the last three years: final site for XOXO 2012; teaser, lineup, final site, registration, and blog for XOXO 2013; teaser, lineup, registration, and blog for XOXO 2014; and teaser for XOXO 2015.

Visit the 2015 teaser, the 2014 lineup, and full sites for 2013 and 2012.

Build (2013)

Build was a design festival for web designers, organized by Andy McMillan from 2009 to 2013. I did web design and front‑end web development for the final site of Build 2013, based on the lineup site designed by Ryan Sims.

Visit the final site for Build 2013.

Other Work

I’ve done work for other clients and projects, such as product, interface, and web design for Listary, a simple iPhone app for making lists; and web design for Refresh Belfast, a monthly design community gathering in Belfast.

Visit my Dribbble profile and projects for more of my work.


What I can do for you.

Design & Consulting



For new project inquiries, mentoring, or anything else, please email [email protected] or message @paulozoom on Twitter.